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Supporting People Seeking Their Truth

Linda Jacques

Thank you for visiting my website. I appreciate your interest in who I am and how I express myself in the world.

I truly appreciate guiding and holding space for individuals as they release what no longer serves them in their journey of conscious awakening.  I offer to others and create for them a safe space in which to heal themselves if they choose.

My intention is to facilitate healing with the highest intent and for the best good of all by creating a healing environment that feeds and nurtures others.

Always longing for the true purpose of life has been a guiding force into discovering that who I am, as is everyone of us, is “Light” and that light is “Love” and it is to be shared and shed where there is darkness.

Awakening to truth has been unfolding in a conscious way over the past few decades for myself and has brought with it a desire to live consciously as I invite the sacred into my life and share it with others that are in need of harmony and balance in their lives.

The path that I Iive is paved with a commitment to feel my completeness and connection to “source” at all levels.  I am becoming more aware each day to live purposefully, realigning with the wholeness of life and awakening into my deeper, mystical soul.

Throughout the years I have had many experiences, training, educational pursuits, and guidance from people that have all contributed to my supporting others in the offerings that I provide. The most beneficial experiences have been when I put aside my analytical mind and listen to my deep inner knowing, giving myself the opportunity to remember what I already know and feel that divine source that supports me with every breath that I take.

Regardless of the offering a person may see me for, there is always a common thread; and that is the connection we all share with source and the desire to live in wholeness.

On this path of growth, my clients, family and friends have been some of my greatest teachers. I have had the blessing to see myself through them and realize how we each influence one another and how we are connected rather than separate.

In Light & Love